A Big Thumbs-up for the Logitech Harmony 680

Ed Bott’s Media Central — A big thumbs-up for the Logitech Harmony 680 Hmmmm, Ed Bott seems to really like his Logitech Harmony 680. I may have to finally get around to trying one myself and testing it out.

My biggest problem with my remote control situation has to do with my Onkyo home theater. I routinely need to switch between the optical inputs (Opt 1 and Opt 2) for my HDTV TiVo and my Media Center PC. Seems that there is not a command on the Onkyo HT-R510 remote to do this and thus I’m stuck having to stand up anytime I needed to change my sound input. Grrrrrr.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have a rather expensive 688. I like the functionality quite a bit but… The build quality sucks. I have had like 4 or 5 of them exchanged out now and they just keep breaking (we are pretty carfull with them to boot). I am living with one right now where a couple buttons don’t work but I haven’t bothered to send it back again because the RTM is very annoying. You are asked to pay to ship to canada.

  2. Tom says:

    I have the “Tivo” version of the Harmony and it’s okay, but I’d try to get the new color one (can be found for $180 or so if you look.) The older models have some annoying behavior around the responsiveness to keypresses(mechanical design of the buttons sucks), and the cursor control system is poor.

    As for that optical input issue you can buy a device to automatically switch between inputs, assuming the media PC is quiet when not using it — you set the Tivo as the default and the device will override with the HTPC when it starts outputing sound.