Adobe Outfoxed by Free PDF Reader

By Davis Freeberg

I was reading Scott Hanselman’s Computer Zen blog this morning and came across a posting where he has sworn off Adobe Acrobat for good. His frustration is due to Acrobat crashing his computers too often. I’ve noticed that Adobe crashes all the time on my home and work PC as well, but did not realize that there was a firefox alternative to the software. In addition to being more stable the Adobe, The Foxit reader allows you to type on any pdf document. This means that if someone didn’t take the time to set up the Adobe form fields that you can still fill in a document prior to printing. This is a very cool feature for those of us who use a lot of .pdf files.

The program is being distributed free of charge by the Foxit Software company for non commercial use, but they do charge a licensing fee if you want to use this for a business. Foxit Software is a small business based out of San Jose that was formerly known as Midasoft.

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  1. Vo says:

    I’ve been using this for about six months–it’s awesome. Fast, and it does what I need it to do.