Windows Live Now Supports the Firefox Browser

Windows Live: Although not “officially” announced per se. It would appear that Microsoft’s now supports Firefox. When I originally tried the service after it’s launch last week I received a message that it was not compatible with Firefox.

Earlier today I left a comment on Sean Alexander’s blog with regards to a post Sean had written on the 47 new live web gadgets available for One of the gadgets is a GetFireFox Counter and I asked Sean why they had a Firefox gadget when didn’t support Firefox. According to a comment back from Sean, he responded, “have you tried Firefox on since friday? It works for me (but they’re being cautious and saying it doesn’t)”

Earlier this week Robert Scoble had told us that we’d have Firefox support for “very, very soon.” Looks like it’s here.

I’ve just tested it out a little today in Firefox and so far it seems to be working well. Fun. Time to try out some gadgets.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Clearly, it’s beta. I’m an understanding guy. However, there’s no chance in hell I’ll use any web-based RSS reader unless it allows for tracking what has been read and not read.

    I’ve submitted feedback.


    Jeff Blaine