Washington Post’s Rob Pegoraro on Apple’s Front Row

The Washington Post doesn’t think Front Row’s all that – Media PCs – mediapcs.engadget.com Rob Pegoraro reviews Apple Computer’s Front Row: “While Apple works to fix the defects and fill the blanks in this software, it also needs to put Front Row on more of its computers — and in particular the Mac mini. That machine is cheap and small enough to be a second computer, and it includes a digital video output that connects to many high-definition TVs. When you can show off your vacation photos on a 42-inch plasma screen, a program like Front Row will be a much easier sell.”

I totally agree Rob. “Requiring” that people buy an iMac, which has that hideous built in monitor, in order to get Front Row is a mistake. As you mention (and as we’ve already seen through the hacks) this software is much more suited to the Mac Mini.

Understandably this is Apples first foray into the living room and hopefully they will get this better in the future.

As a side note, Pegoraro does take issue with Microsoft Media’s Center including photo editing functionality with Media Center. I agree. This is almost laughable. Please, let me edit my photos in Photoshop or at least on some other PC in my home than my Media Center PC. I’d much rather Microsoft be working on something like, ummm ohhhh.. HDTV or even filtering photos through keywords, etc. than photo editing functionality within MCE.

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