Sitemeter for Flickr… Well, Kinda

Stephanie’s Cheese Sandwich Blog � Flickr Wishlist: Stephanie Booth says that she wishes that she could find out where her Flickr traffic is coming from. I agree. I did actually ask Stewart at the Flickr presentation at the Apple store in San Francisco about this and he said he’d be worried about spam. Derek Powazek who was in the audience suggested using Technorati to do this and this seems to work fine. It doesn’t give you a stats breakdown like sitemeter or anything but it will show you who is linking to your Flickr stream and where. Here is mine.

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  1. Thing is, it won’t give you internal Flickr information. Technorati will only give you links from blog posts, which is neat, but if I have 400 views on my photograph, it isn’t necessarily because it’s been linked in a blog post. I’d like to know from what page on Flickr it might come from, as well as external referrers. Maybe somebody posted a thumbnail of the photo in a comment thread, and I never saw it?

  2. Thomas Hawk says:

    Good point Tara. I wish we had this feature too. Technorati is one way to see things externally (but also this isn’t always 100% accurate). A sitemeter type thing for Flickr would be pretty cool which gave more detailed information.

    Like you, if one of my photos is posted somewhere else at Flickr and someone was talking about it I’d like to check out the conversation.