Om Malik on the Return of Monetized Eyeballs

Business 2.0 :: Magazine Article :: What Works :: The Return of Monetized Eyeballs Om Malik: “Based on recent high-profile Web content deals, the value of a unique monthly website visitor currently hovers around $38 (the average purchase price per unique user of acquisitions during the past year). As a result, those who built popular websites over the last few years look prescient: They “bought” eyeballs when the market placed little value on them — making daily blog posts or encouraging others to upload text and photos — and can now sell their traffic at a markup.”

Update: Narendra Rocherolle chimes in with some good advice for bloggers: “Blogs and blog networks right now should aspire to status as magazine businesses and find valuations in the single digit millions. Until they have real revenue, internet companies are highly valued at $1M per engineer if they fill a strategic or emerging niche.”

Jason Calacanis also adds, “Om… you know I love you, but this is absurd. Like really, really crazy. Weblogs, Inc. was bought by AOL because of revenue and revenue growth. Eyeballs and pageviews had nothing to do with it–zero. No one in the marketplace is buying things based on eyeballs–no one.”

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