Microsoft Media Center Project Manager on the Apple Front Row Challenge: Bring it On!

Over in the forums of eHomeUpgrade, User AaronD, a “project manager for Microsoft’s Media Center PVR features,” offers the following thoughts on the potential competition from an Apple based DVR.

“I always thought that Apple avoided PVR consciously. Too many parts of the experience would not be under their direct control. I’m excited to see what they come up with. It’d be good to rev up a fun rivalry.

Having worked on 3 PVR products to date (Dishplayer, UltimateTV and MCE) the amount of work required is pretty massive, and I’d be surprised if it didn’t feel more ‘v1’ than most of Apple’s debuts.”

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  1. aarond says:

    Hey Thomas,

    How are things in the Bay Area? It’s burr cold up here in Washington.

    To give folks some background… My wonderful engineering team and I implement all of the TV scheduling features for MCE as well as the user experience for managing those files after they are recorded.

    You would be mad at me if a recording was missed, cut short or deleted accidentally.

    I’ve been on the MCE team since Harmony. Before that I worked on UltimateTV (with DirecTV), Dishplayer PVR (with Echostar and, ahem, released the same year as the first TiVo), and before that on WebTV (my first job out of college).

    User experience is a top priority for me, and I literally teared up when Peter Rojas and Ryan Block said they liked the MCE UI better than TiVo’s on last week’s Engadget podcast.

    I sort of come from Apple and Unix stock (WebTV was founded by three of Apple’s stars and staffed by the minions that followed them to the start-up).

    I love working on Media Center because I love using Media Center.
    I’m also a customer for all of Apple’s, TiVo’s, and Sony’s media centric products. ‘Research’ or actual ‘Loyalty’? I’ll leave that open ended… 😉

    While I’m probably not truly objective, I sure am trying… a topic i’ve bored Chris Lanier about on occasion.