Google Video is Blogging — Bloggers, Editors, and the Rise of the Internetworks

The F-Stop Blues: Google Video is Blogging Google Video now has its own blog. This is super smart. As internetworks begin to catch on and internet TV hits its stride, as important to the content will be editors who scour the long tail to find the best of what’s being created out there. These editors along with sophisticated new video search tools will be what shapes the internet TV experience most. A blog is a good place to start to begin highlighting some of the best content.

Some of the first highlighted programs: A Daily Taste (travel to South Beach, Miami Florida! Learn the best places to shop, eat and have a night out) and Sanboarding in Chile.

Also highlighted on the Google Video Blog are some of other blogs popping up to highlight worthwhile content on Google Video including, Google Video of the Day, My Google Video Blog and In Search of Google Videos.

If Microsoft were smart they would abandon all that nonsense talk about only being a platform builder, etc. etc. and dive right into the content business even if it was just to more publicly embrace MSN. Specifically, they need to develop a Microsoft edited (and they need to hire super creative people for this) Online Spotlight Channel that scours the internet for publicly available video and each day serves the best of it up as a Microsoft Channel. The online spotlight channel would operate simultaneously as a Media Center blog and people could download internet TV directly from this blog. The better the editors and the more popular the site the more people would find it and then see that they could also have this channel on their TV if they bought a Media Center PC.

There are plenty of public domain sources for video content out there including the Internet Archive and Our Media. I’m not sure on the legal aspects that Microsoft would have for mining Google Video, but perhaps this would be allowed as well.

While Yahoo! has embraced their role as a media company full-bore and Google is dipping their toes into the water with Google Video, their own internetwork, Microsoft has the best platform for delivering video with MCE but they need something super strong, compelling and sticky to give them the hit that they need here. Waiting around for an outside developer to come up with something is not good enough. There are several good commercial content providers in Online Spotlight right now (Akimbo, TV Tonic), but not the aggregator that is looking across platforms (Our Media, Internet Archive, Google Video, etc.) and finding the best free content on the internet today. The problem is that for much of this free, creative commons and public domain content, there is just not the economic incentive yet for developers to develop the right Media Center plug in.

Even if launched as a separate company seeded by Microsoft, they stand to gain if they can get a long tail Channel on Media Center that can pump out the hits. A blog would be a good place to start.

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