FlickrNation, Episode 3

FlickrNation, Episode 3

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FlickrNation, Episode 3,

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Show Notes:

0:00 Flickr Jingle, Show Intro

1:38: Is Flickr Being Blocked in the UAE? A petition to to ETISALAT to unblock Flickr in the UAE.

4:15: Entrance to Hell Group being capped at 666 members.

6:50: Sam Judson’s New Blog Deleteme Resurection.

7:28: Should Flickr allow drawings and illustrations on Flickr?

15:30: Flickr passes Webshots in Alexa Traffic Rankings. Webshots founder Narendra Rocherolle responds.

21:54: Flickr Toy: Name that Contact.

23:55: Sears 1979 Wishbook is on Flickr.

25:10: Top 10 Ways to Improve Flickr, Almost Certainly the Best Online Photo Management and Sharing Application in the World.

42:55: Other Flickr members feature wishlists.

50:53: .22, Huggy Bear (well kind of).

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