Digg Just Might Bury Slashdot

Wired News: Digg Just Might Bury Slashdot Wired News is out with an article on new social bookmarking site Digg and is suggesting that Digg could possibly be a “Slashdot killer.”

The major difference between Slashdot and Digg (both cover tech news) is that Slashdot’s stories are chosen by their editors while Digg’s stories are pushed into the limelight by votes from their members. The wisdom of the crowd vs. the wisdom of the tech editor.

But there are more differences than just this. Although Digg has a decidedly tech bent to their news, their news is certainly as much human interest as tech and something that you’d see on Boing Boing that you’d never see on Slashdot very well could end up as a top story on Digg.

In any case, the power of social input into search and smart filtering is certainly gaining momentum. Whether Flickr’s interestingness or Digg’s top stories, smart algorithms are using communities to incorporate in the wisdom of the crowd and the result’s thus far have been pretty impressive.

Oh, and by the way, this story is the top story on Digg today.

Update: Digg gets Slashdotted. Let the dance off begin.

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