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Death by Caffeine
This week’s winner of the site of the week contest was Death by Caffeine. It’s a site where you can enter your weight and it will run a calculation as to how many various beverages it would take to kill you. According to the site, it would take about 130 cups of coffee to put me down.

When I was in college I used to hang out at a restaurant in Orange County called Norms. Norms was kind of like Denny’s, but without the corporate influence. There were many nights where we would stay up all night talking and drinking coffee until it felt like you had been shot in the stomach. During that period of my life, I had a job at a coffee house where they gave me free coffee while I worked. At one point I was drinking about 20 cups of coffee a day. My friends and I used to debate how many cups it would take before I’d have a heart attack. This topic seemed to come up a lot, so when I saw the website, I was pleased that I could finally have a more scientific number then the magic 33 that Jasko tried to convince me it would be.

If anyone has a site or a blog that they would like to suggest, please send it to Davis *at* thomashawk.com This week’s site nominations are as follows:

Bad Jocks

Wiretap Network


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