Comparing The Flickrs of Video

TechCrunch � Comparing The Flickrs of Video Techcrunch is out with a great round up that compares the “flickrs” of video. They have a great quick chart that compares CastPost, ClipShack, DailyMotion, Grouper, OurMedia, Revver, Vimeo and vSocial. Nice work.

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  1. webba says:

    Hey Thomas,

    While I agree with a great deal of what TechCrunch mentioned in the article — that the lowest common denominator features (working, simple, quick) are all pretty much on par, I’d suggest that we, at vSocial, offer a specific recipe, wrapped around our core philosophy that users want and need to “do something” with video. That recipe is:

    1. Share favorite videos via clipmails (a type of formatted email)
    2. Create short videos via our “video roll” builder tools
    3. Embed favorite clips and video rolls in a web site

    We’d love to talk with you folks more if it’s appropriate, and more specific information can be found on Mark Sigal’s post on this matter at the following URL:

    vSocial is, of course, available at