Arbitron Research Say Ad-Skipping is a Niche Trend

PVR Wire According to research by Aribtron, ad-skipping may not be as big a concern as originally thought.

“Based on Arbitron’s findings, DVR-inspired ad skipping and time-shifted viewing is just another niche trend rather than a knockout punch to TV networks and advertisers. Arbitron says just 7 per cent of TV viewing in DVR-enabled homes (9 per cent of the total) is done at a later time to the original broadcast and 80 per cent of that delayed viewing occurs on the same or next day.”

“It’s a tiny figure compared to initial projections and the reason for the huge change in numbers is probably because the original forecasts were based on early adopters with lifestyles very different to those of the general population. In other words, the early DVR buyers were more time pressured and less tolerant of ads compared to the later majority.”

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  1. Tom K says:

    Here’s the actual report. There are several pages of results regarding DVR use.

    Two important footnotes:
    1. There were only about 200 DVR users in this survey. Not clear what kind of boxes they were using (e.g.scheduling timeshifting using a Motorola DVR is much more difficult than using a Tivo, and capacity is a factor)

    2. They did not count any viewing of a show more than 7 days after it was originally aired. Seems like an arbitrary cut-off to me, given that I have shows at least a month old in my Tivo I may still watch.