Andy Goetze Interviews Fotolia CEO Thibaud Elziere: Microstock Sites Going After the Long Tail of Digital Photography

StockPhotoTalk | Special Interest Blog: Interview With Fotolia�s CEO Thibaud Elziere: “Microstock Sites Can Capture Up To 30% Of The Existing Market”: Andy Goetze runs the excellent blog on stock photography news and is out with an interview with 26 year old Thibaud Elziere. Elziere is CEO of Fotolia, a new micropayment site for digital photography. He calls his service a “social marketplace,” and is going after the long tail of the stock photography business. With millions of budding amateurs with digital SLRs these days Elziere is hoping to capture their attention, some of their work and offer them compensation in return.

“We think that we can get share from the traditional stock photo agency but above all we will focus on the not yet targeted market that couldn’t afford photos before (SOHO and individuals for example). We think that microstock sites can capture up to 30 % of the existing market and create a new market that will be as big, if not bigger, than the one that already exists. Only one or two big micro stock sites will survive, I hope we will be one of them. “

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