20 Random Songs From Thomas Hawk’s Windows Media Player 5 Star Playlist

Nothing like great music on a Sunday night.

1. Tribute to Hank Williams, Evan Dando, Live at the Brattle Theatre / Griffith Sunset, Disc 2.
2. The Ghost of Tom Joad (live), Bruce Springsteen, Railroad Tracks (bootleg)
3. For Everyman (live), Jackson Browne, Black and White, Live in San Francisco, 1986 (bootleg)
4. Drive, The Cars, Just What I Needed, The Anthology, Disc 2
5. Every Breath You Take (live), Sting, Storytellers (bootleg)
6. Greetings to the New Brunette, Billy Bragg, The Peel Sessions
7. It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels, Kitty Wells, God’s Honky Tonk Angel: The First Queen of Country Music
8. Here I Am, Steve Earle, El Corazon
9. Big Blue Sea (live), Bob Schneider, KGSR Broadcasts Vol. 9, Disc 1
10. Fourth of July, Dave Alvin, Romeo’s Escape
11. For Those About to Rock We Salute You, AC/DC, Who Made Who
12. Mama Tried, Randy Travis, Tribute to Tradition
13. Sylvio (live), Bob Dylan, After the Heart Attack, Disc 1, (bootleg)
14. Still I Long For Your Kiss, Lucinda Williams, Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
15. Funeral Parlor, The Eels, Electro-Shock Blues
16. Safe European Home, The Clash, Clash on Broadway, Disc 2
17. Desolation Row (live), Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan, Completely Unplugged Live in New York 11-17-94, Disc 1 (bootleg)
18. I’ll Follow the Sun, The Beatles, Beatles for Sale
19. No Depression, Uncle Tupelo, No Depression
20. Cry, Cry, Cry, Robbie Fulks, Dressed in Black: A Tribute to Johnny Cash

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