VoomPC puts a PC in your car for $300

VoomPC puts a PC in your car for $300 – Engadget – www.engadget.com This PC for your car from VoomPC is not what we need. No OS, no hardrive. Limited appeal.

The auto PC market though will be huge. And having a good wi-fi/hard drive swap solution with your home media will be essential. Microsoft needs to develop the first plays for sure car Media Center PC. The field of in car entertainment systems available today seriously sucks. Microsoft could use these in car entertainment PCs to leverage people’s dependency on Media Center.

Why should I have to burn a DVD (which rarely works) on my Media Center PC and then play it on my in car Pioneer system, when a more appropriate solution would be for my in car Media Center PC to wirelessly sync with my MCE from the garage and download all of my favorite tv recordings for my kids and my five star mp3 playlist for me?

The future is now. Time to get motoring. Where do you want to go today and what do you want to watch on the way there?

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