More on Windows Media Player 11

Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite for Windows: Windows Vista Build 5231 CTP 2 Screenshot Gallery 2: Windows Media Player 11 (Part 1) Paul Thurrott’s got a gallery up of more Windows Media Player 11 screenshots.

I’ve been listening to Windows Media Player on my laptop for a few days now and I’m convinced that something very good is going on. It may be just me and I could be wrong on this, but my mp3s have never sounded fuller. I’m not sure how you get a richer sound out of an mp3, but at least subjectively to me WMP11 sounds better than WMP10 — warmer, fuller, richer. I’ve still yet to put the player through any extreme tests, including how it handles large digital libraries, but hope to at some point shortly here in the future.

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