Microsoft’s Grand Strategy for TV

Ed Bott’s Media Central � Microsoft’s grand strategy for TV Ed Bott links to an informative article from the Seattle Times on the history of Microsoft’s TV strategy. Now this I like to hear:

“Consumers will see cool new features — imagine four live pictures on a screen at once — instant channel changes and more options for on-demand video rentals, including high-definition content. Microsoft TV also merges phone services, so incoming messages, e-mail and caller ID can be displayed on users’ television screens.”

Will Vista be the turning point? How far away is premium HDTV to reality? When will we truly be able to download high def movies and premium content beyond the really weak kind of limited titles that we see today at CinemaNow?

Lots of this article is about IPTV as well. Interesting and I appreciate the historical context, but I still have more questions than answers as to what and when the future will look like for Microsoft TV.

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