Microsoft’s David Fleischman, Great Blogger

Tales of Windows Media Center Project Management : Where are we now? David Fleischman is a Project Manager on the Media Center team who recently started blogging and I have to say I’m really impressed with the feedback on his blog so far. Blogging takes a lot of time and is a ton of work. It’s nice to see that the Media Center team and more specifically David himself appreciates the blog as a medium for customer feedback.

David wrote a post yesterday called “where are we now?” with respect to Media Center. In his post he basically asks, “what do you want to see in Vista Media Center?” Already there are 29 comments attached to David’s post. But do you know what’s really cool? Of the 29 comments 5 of them are by David himself responding to feedback. Talk about super responsive. This is a comment stream you won’t want to miss.

Included in his comments back on his post are some very nice tidbits of information:

“Cable Card is a big deal.”

“Stay tuned for multi-zone audio.”

“I’m sending this blog post on to my team so we can look through your suggestions to keep them coming!”

“Finally the cable card request is something I’m hoping to see soon. “

“CATV HD is hopefully coming soon. I want it and I’ve seen it, just have some legal issues to finish up.”

“VOIP integration is key. I hope we do it. I don’t know of any plans but I had an argument with Charlie Owen about it. 🙂 “

“Schedule FM Recording – I wish, I really do. Maybe soon.”

Wow. This type of feedback is really empowering to the Media Center enthusiast — and what a great resource to have access to David on the inside. Obviously there is a lot that David can’t say on his blog, but he is definitely talking about the future direction of the product and I’m making it a point to not only follow his posts but the follow up comments as well.

In addition to Charlie, Matt, Sean, Michael, Peter, and Aaron (whew!) David’s blogging is a welcome addition to the Media Center community. One thing you can say about Microsoft is that they certainly seem to get what blogging is all about — perhaps more than any other company in the U.S.

Great stuff guys, keep it coming.

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  1. stewart says:

    I’m in favor of Flickr integration!

  2. support for every single codec out of the box. the ability to play any type of codec file with my media center extender.

    if the xbox 360 could pump out hdtv video and play all my divx and quicktime files then i am going to get one.

    stop trying to push WMV, just support everything!