Media Center Gets Slashdotted

Slashdot | Roadkill on the Convergence Highway Media Center gets Slashdotted. “The picture still was no where close to a vintage Tivo. But it does keep track of the programs, important with a terabyte of disc.” Ouch.

Picture quality is so super important. I would agree with the observation that the television picture quality on a Media Center PC has never approached that of even an entry level non HD TiVo. This is the single biggest obstacle in the way of Media Center acceptance. We must get a better picture — preferably CableCARD or Satellite or IPTV HDTV. I’m hoping we see this improve in Vista.

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  1. jimh3 says:

    For those of us not lucky enough to have HD TV or just content with analog TV I think many would be impressed with the quality you get to your TV using the extenders. I find the pic often looks better than straight analog cable in to the TV. Plus it does a nice job with the AUDIO, as the extender has optical out, which sounds great when going into my receiver. I do have problems with stuttering and such on the actual PC, but I never really watch TV from there. As xbox360s start popping up I think everyones experiences with video/audio quality will become more positive. Just seems to me that extenders are the way to go. Mines been great.

  2. I don’t think the PQ is that bad. I think DirecTV is bad. Imagine full bandwidth from DTV, then hook that up to your Media Center.

  3. Thomas Hawk says:

    I use DirecTV feeds in for both my TiVo and Media Center. Both my old non HDTV standalone TiVo and my current DirecTV integrated TiVo look better than my Media Center picture. In the past I’ve been told that TiVo has better compression quality but I’m not sure exactly why the image quality on TiVo seems better to me.