Howard Stern, Sirius Satellite Radio and Media Center

BuzzMachine � Blog Archive � He’s no Howard: From Buzz Machine: “It is now official that David Lee Roth and Adam Carolla have been named as morning drive hosts on WXRK (K-Rock)/New York and KLSX/Los Angeles, respectively, beginning on Tuesday, January 3, 2006.”

“This morning, Howard Stern generously, I thought, had David Lee Roth on as a “mystery guest”” to promote himself as one of Stern’’s radio replacements in January.

He’s no Stern.

Roth was trying to do radio. He spoke with an eerie formality — eerie for a rocker –— sounding like an overaged kid in a bar mitzvah suit trying to get a good check out of Aunt Sadie. Or maybe he sounded like a pretentious, sober, and boring Crazy Cabbie. Or… I don’t know what he was trying to sound like. But he didn’’t sound genuine. That’’s what makes Stern Stern.

He’’s no Stern.”

I think that there is an opportunity for Media Center to score huge in Stern’s move. Although Media Center already has a plug in for XM Satellite Radio, there is not at present a plug in for Sirius. Microsoft should quickly put a deal together with Siruis in Media Center. As part of the deal they should let Sirius Media Center subscribers have access to day old podcasts of the Howard Stern show for download on their portable device.

For the four million current Media Center customers this would be an easy way for them to join Stern at Sirius without having to go out and buy actual satellite radio hardware. It would also spur PC sales and I bet you could even get Howard to plug the PC to the extent that it drove more listeners to his show.

This seems like a no brainer for Stern (more listeners), for Sirius (more subscribers) and for Microsoft (more Media Center sales and a way to differentiate from Apple’s new offering). It would take a big deal to get this done — but it certainly would be good Media Center buzz if Microsoft could.

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