Does HDTV Rock?

The F-Stop Blues: Does HDTV Rock? Tim Coyle says, “Too bad there isn’t more programming available. Check out my local Comcast listings for HDTV offering below. I think this is the real reason why Microsoft hasn’t come out with HDTV support yet – there’s no real content.”

I totally disagree. There is plenty of content and plenty of content beyond the networks. Tim says people want movies. Yep, and that’s why both HBO and Showtime are broadcasting in HDTV today. There’s no shortage of what to watch in high def here and now and this is why people are not only buying HDTVs but getting HDTV boxes from their cable and satellite providers.

In fact, not to dismiss the Long Tail, but I’d suspect that 80% of all television consumed today (at least in the U.S.) is available in high def. I might be wrong on this as this is just a number I pulled out of neverland. I would be interested in statistics on what percentage of television watched is a combination of HBO, Showtime, ESPN, the four major networks, etc. vs. everything else not available in high def today if anyone had them.

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  1. Tom says:

    This guy was obviously not one of the many people watching last night’s Yankees game in HD. Forget movies, sports (in particular, football) are the killer ap of HDTV

  2. Brian Hoyt says:

    Other movies on Starz, Cinemax and The Movie Channel. Unfortunately DirectTV hasn’t picked up the HD versions yet.

  3. Tim Coyle says:

    I’m still not convinced that HD programming is here. But does all TV programming really need to be in high-def like the news? Probably not. Anyone want to share what their HD programming line up is?