Apple TV Downloads: “This Picture Sucks!”

Shelly Palmer: Shelly Palmer asks, “did Steve Jobs finally screw up?” His answer is no, but…

“One more click and I was watching the show in a small window that looked pretty good. Control-click and I’m watching the show full screen on my 23 inch HD Cinema Display. Ouch! The picture is not compressed or encoded to be viewed on a big screen. It’s about the quality of a bad VHS tape. OK. I walked into my youngest son’s room and there he was watching a music video 1/2 screen on his 19” LCD monitor (another $1.99). He was just about to download another one when he said to me, “… this picture sucks!””

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  1. Yeah, it sucks on a monitor, which can reveal all the imperfections of such a small resolution video. But they look pretty decent on television, which has a poor resolution anyway.