Another Reason I Don’t Read The Green Button as Much as I Used to

The RSS feeds don’t seem to work. At one point I had an RSS feed feeding into NewsGator but the last posts to come in were on September 4th. Since then I’ve had nothing come in via RSS for TGB. If you go to their website as well and click on the little RSS button for their feed you get the following message below.

“XML Parsing Error: not well-formed
Line Number 255, Column 105″

Anyone have any feeds for TGB that work?

I know that there are reasons that Microsoft might not want to be as involved with a fan site like The Green Button, but if I were Microsoft I’d be bending over backwards to make sure TGB ran as smoothly as possible. Broken RSS feeds, terrible site performance, etc. I’m sure Microsoft could send someone over there for a few days and get it all working much better. Consider the PR value. It’s worth the time to make that site as sticky and well run as possible.

Just don’t send anyone over there who’s currently working on getting HDTV in Vista.

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  1. gazzer82 says:

    I totally agree, especially considering how much customer support sites like tgb and xpmce provide for miscrosofts so-called customers. The support provided by many of the manufacturers is absolutely apawling and there are many problems with Media Center where the solution can only be found at TGB.

    That said the site performance is absolutely appawling. It is slow, often perfoms very odly, the search is useless and if you not using the IE browser engine then forget it. I totally understand that this is a free advertising run website, and i am in no way having a go at the guys who donate there valuable time and money to the site.

    But maybe it’s not microsoft who need to put the money in (as it’s not a product officially supported by microsoft) but the OEM’s whos asses it’s covering!!

    Just my two-cents!!


  2. Anonymous says:

    you mean it isn’t the vista team working on the TGB site? (being sarcastic). I appreciate the site and efforts that are put into getting the information into the users hands. However, I’ve often wondered it really wasn’t connected to Microsoft in some guerrilla marketing sort of way. It often reminds me of the Tivo community boards when there were obvious “embedded employees” defending the company at every turn. Maybe it’s MS keeping FireFox support from working.

  3. Accident says:

    I’ve emailed over to them saying I’m willing to talk about taking it over if the financial burden and growth is too much.

    It doesn’t need microsoft to fix it.

  4. Ian Dixon says:

    Despit its problems it’s still the best source of Info for Media Center
    I have forums on my site but it’s impossible to build number the readers that TGB has.
    Having said that if you have Media Center problems you can always email the Windows Media Center Show, it has top guest like Thomas Hawk 🙂

  5. ShadyMG says:

    lol, look at ian with a plug! 😛

    It is frustrating, I’m a mod over at TGB, and am trying to hard to get more info for you guys. Keep the faith!

  6. Pissed off at TGB (MS-TGB) says:

    Mike Garcen, Chris Lanier, accident – You are all just a bunch of MS stooges. Anyone comes to that site and mentions anything that could rival MS software, and you get booted..

    shadyMG, Chris, accident – You all suck!!!!!!!!