What Ever Happened to that Google CNET Boycot Thingy?

More on Index Size and … CNET – The Unofficial Google Weblog – google.weblogsinc.com _ Hey, wait a gosh darned minute. Something fishy’s going on around here. Didn’t Google make an ass out of themselves less than a year ago and say that CNET was banned from talking to them for a year? What’s their CEO doing talking to CNET then? Why is Google CEO Eric Schmidt giving an interview to CNET’s Elinor Mills the same Elinor Mills that offended Google so much in the first place. Good catch theunofficialgoogleweblog!

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  1. Sid the Fish says:

    Google has never had a feud with CNET. Just as Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia. Any other memories are flawed and should be sent down the memory hole.