Stockpipeline Wants to be the eBay of the Stock Photography Business

Stock Photo Talk | Special Interest Blog: After Inventing The Google Of Stock Photography, StockPipeline Is Randy Taylor�s Next New Venture An interesting approach by a new company Stockpipeline to the stock photography business. Apparently this company unites photographers and marketers and is attempting to get into the transaction fee business. Kind of like an eBay for stock photography it seems — in a somewhat roundabout way. Interesting. I’ve never been involved in any aspect of the stock photography business but having sold my first photo for that television commercial I find it more interesting now.

When I sold my photo for the commercial I assume that they found the photo on my blog through Google Image Search. Google Image Search is still the number one referrer of traffic to my blog. Every so often Google reindexes their image library (much less frequently than their site reindexing) and some of my popular images fall off and others are added. For some reason unknown to me my images tend to rank very high for keyword search with Google. For many popular search terms I’ve frequently got half a dozen images that appear early in the image search results.

I do think that at a point my Google Image Search traffic will die down though. I’m beginning to think that Google’s image rank is definitely influenced somehow by Hello Picasa. I think that my high ranking in the past was due to the fact that I uploaded all of my images using Hello Picasa (a Google property). Now that I post my images to my blog with Flickr (a Yahoo! property) I’m thinking that this will pull them out of many Google Image Search high ranking results. We will see. All of the images that Google has ranked highly for me have been ones uploaded through Hello Picasa.

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