Slingbox Improves Streaming Throughput 300%

eHomeUpgrade | Slingbox Improves Streaming Throughput 300% Slingbox sure does seem to be getting a lot of buzz these days. How come we hear so much more about them and not near as much about Orb? I’d love to see someone come out with a good side by side comparision between Orb and Slingbox.

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  1. JimH says:

    That would be nice. I don’t understand the “extra” fuss about the slingbox. Orb is pretty slick. My only problem with orb is the loss of the ability to fastforward/rewind on my MCE 2005 machine when Orb is installed. However fastforward/rewind work fine when watching recorded tv on the linksys extender. I notified orb of the problem a few months back and got a quick response (not bad for a free product) that they were aware of the problem. I reinstalled last week, but looks like they have not fixed it yet.