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As They Pulled You Out Of The Oxygen Tent You Asked For The Latest PartySo if you feel like you’ve been missing blogging from Thomas Hawk these days you are right. I don’t really have a good excuse but the truth of the matter is that I’ve fallen deeply and horribly into the matrix that is Flickr and I’ve yet to find my way back out. The maze and journey gets increasingly interesting for me and although I do have a tendency to get super obsessive about things and then drop them, Flickr has been pretty consistently consuming most of my free computer time for the past few months.

Flickr is like crack. I am most certain that they have trained behavioral scientists on staff testing on chimps as we speak just trying to figure out the next way to hook me in more. And the deeper you get into flickr and the underlying communities the more you are lost in it. If Flickr is like crack, for instance, deleteme is like mainlining. Well, but deleteme doesn’t really count anymore since a rogue group of rebels, myself included, jumped ship to start deleteme uncensored. But in order to really understand the differences between deteleme and deleteme uncensored you just really have to know the personalities involved. Folks like Superchou, Omnia, Mr. Chalk (NSFW as they say in Australia), Andertho and BigVern and BigFrank and this recent little smart ass dog named Nuggest Mahoney. Or then there’s this vixen named Elinesca who thought I was REALLY stalking her when I was just PRETENDING to be stalking her who is now dating this guy Steve Gobeil of something. And of course we must not forget the REAL crackpots. Foetusman66, Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographer and Mandy Ross. And then there’s Beebo who thinks I owe him something now that he cast the deciding save10 vote on a photo of mine recently.

Do you see what I mean. I’m hopelessly lost in this alternative universe and not sure when I’ll really be coming up for air. So, what better way to break the quiet streak than a blog post. Of course the blog post is still about Flickr but at least it’s a start.

Tonight I headed down to the Flickr Fiesta at the Yahoo! Campus in Sunnyvale. If you want to see the photos they are all here. It was great to catch up with old blogging friends as well as new Flickr friends. There seemed to be a great mix of people and between taking a few shots here and there it was nice to actually talk to people face to face rather than merely type at them.

Some of my favorite bloggers and technologists were there. Scott Beale from the Laughing Squid. Gabe Rivera (who I’m sure was probably told 50 times this evening that Robert Scoble loves him). (Hey, how is it that Scoble wasn’t even there and still found his way into this post?) I reminded Gabe that Scoble’s been saying some pretty nice things about his newly unveiled Memeorandum and then two seconds later someone came up and said the same thing. Anywho. I also saw the charming as always Eleanor Kruszewski. Om Malik was there and had the nicest things to say about some of my photographs. Thanks Om.


Of course the Flickr gods were there. Stewart Butterfield and Heather Champ and it was nice to finally get to meet Caterina Fake (who has very cool boots by the way). Even Yahoo! top gun Jerry Yang came out to the Fiesta to represent the suits. Eddy Codel, co-founder of Webzine, had a nice shot taken with Jerry Yang himself. Jerry said that although Yahoo! was huge the thing about Flickr was that they had created this ultra tight and strong community. Something that is rare and hard to find out there. I think what he meant was that it was very cool that his company just bought the new Starbucks of the internet. One million addicts who need their daily input or they will die.

Some more recent Flickr friends were also there. It was nice to say hello to Pinhole, Arthur Coddington, Photogail, and many more. Please excuse me if we chatted and I didn’t get it down. I know there were so many more people but it’s late and my mind is not as sharp as it should be right now. Feel free to stop by and say hi in the comments if you’d like.

Update: Per Elinesca’s note below. Her and Gobeil no longer appear to be dating.

Update 2: And I’m totally remiss for not mentioning the engaging Tara Hunt. Tara is working for Ojos and they are going to be doing some really fun things with photographic facial recognition software. I’ve had this fantasy, don’t worry photography fantasies are pretty boring, that someday I’d be able to get a copy of every photo I’ve ever appeared in over my life. Think of how many background shots you are in at Disneyland when you were a kid or at a party or at school or work or anywhere. To somehow be able to see every photo ever taken of you makes me smile. Fantasy of course. But Ojos is apparently working on something along these lines for web photo search. Very, very interesting.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You shit head. I am not dating that lowly piss Steve Gobeil. Steve Gobeil is YOUR TROLL. I demand your promt correction on this matter, or you will have to add new dimensions to the word vixen sooner than you’d like. When Chalk returns from stonedom and is done experimenting with that duct tape, you will be in deep shit.


  2. Anonymous says:

    You were drunk when you wrote this weren’t you?


  3. Anonymous says:

    how fun, beebo sent me this link.. looks like some drama is now about to go down via BK… it is very amusing stuff. BTW, loved being called a rogue, makes me feel all warm and evil inside 😉

    – superchou

  4. Thomas Hawk says:

    Nope. Sober. Only a few Tecates at Flickr. Had to drive home from Sunnyvale.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thomas, these SF photos are impossibly good. Wow, wow, wow. Talk about alternate universe: you’ve captured a fantastic alternate San Francisco.

    Hey, who’s this guy?

    Was good meeting you again…

  6. Thomas Hawk says:

    Thanks Gabe. Nice seeing you as well and congratulations on the success and recogntion that Memeorandum has been getting. It’s a great site.

  7. miss rogue says:

    Hey Thomas!

    We’ll be chatting again soon, I hope. Perhaps you’ll let me tag along on one of your quests to capture those beautiful SF shots…


  8. Thomas Hawk says:

    Tara, having you along for a photo shoot would be a pleasure indeed.