Dell Announces Expansion of the XPS PC to the Entertainment Market

Dells adds to the XPS line with XPS 200, XPS 400, and M170 – Media PCs – Dell is coming out with some pretty powerful new Media Center PCs these days. I just did a pretend configuration over at Dell and found that you can now get up to 1.5 terrabytes of internal SATA storage. I’m hoping that this goes up to 2 terrabytes soon (remember just last year when we thought a terrabyte would be more than we could ever need?). Lately I’ve been thinking that my next PC will be a Dell and I think Vista will most likely be the catalyst. A 64 bit computing machine with 2 gigs of RAM and a 2 terrabyte drive running Media Center Vista might be just the thing for me. I could then use my external drives which I hate, hate, hate, hate solely for back up — Maxtor, Seagate, Cobra and especially the worst of the bunch LaCie. I hate these drives so much and look forward to the day when they will really be used for backup data only and not to house my primary media library.

By the way. When configuring my “theoretical” Dell I did notice that Media Center is now the default operating system for the XPS.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    Too bad that industrial design is horrible and these are tower boxes… not exactly what you want in the living room. No chance my wife would approve such a monstrocity.

    I’d like to believe MCE was an OS, but since it’s an app (and until it gets to vista maybe) it’s still weak.

    You’ve clearly noted the large library issues – which are keeping me away – as well as other annoyances.

    Close… but still not there yet.

  2. Thomas Hawk says:

    Jonathan. This is where Media Center Extender technology comes into play though. Mine will not be in my living room. I will have mine in my home office and have a much smaller XBox 360 tucked away in the living room and that will give me full access to the power of my PC from my remote living room location.

    I’m installing Vista on my current MCE machine as we speak and hope to have something on library performance shortly.