Web Edition – NewsGator Online: “I’ve had a few conversations with folks at different companies servicing the IPTV space over the past few weeks. These conversations have hardened my prior opinion. IPTV is nothing more than cable in sheep’s clothing and cable isn’t going to be the wolf much longer.

IPTV has a major problem (and lots of smaller ones); it is a closed proprietary delivery mechanism.”

Interesting thoughts from Alex Rowland

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  1. Media Player says:

    The problem with IPTV is not that it’s a “proprietary delivery mechanism”. We have proven again and again that the mass market could care less about what’s open, closed, or proprietary. DirecTV, Dish, CableCARD, etc all use “proprietary delivery mechanisms”.

    The problem is that there is not enough active fiber run to homes! Hell, SBC ran fiber through my parents backyard about 3 years ago, I still can get fiber access from them though!

    It will not be until Q4 2007 to Q1 2008 where there is enough fiber to the home to even be able to think about reasons “Why IPTV is DOA”. The reason is not enough fiber and will be for the next few years.