One Bush Jewel Box

One Bush Jewel Box So the other day when I was hassled for trying to shoot One Bush, my primary reason for shooting the building that day was not so much to shoot then but to plan for a night shot that I’ve thought about getting for a while. Last night after the Flickr Meet Up I went and got the shot. I took a lot more of One Bush at night. The same security guard who was there on Saturday was there last night. At one point while I was shooting a couple of people in the lobby pointed me out to the security guard. He got up and walked over to the door watched me for a little bit and then went and sat down. It would appear that the no photography policy of One Bush has been lifted and thanks to everyone who gave the issue the attention and made a stand for a photographer’s rights to shoot whatever they want while on public space. Thanks especialy to Boing Boing for raising the awareness of this issue.

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  1. Shawn Oster says:

    Interesting post and I’m only coming into the security guard/no photos issues you experienced late in the game but it reminded me of a similiar experience. I found a rather appealing set of iron sprial stairs outside of a building. A building that just happened to be in London and just happened to be fairly close to Scotland Yard just a few weeks ago. I was chased off from taking any pictures by a security guard and at first felt I should be able to take the picture but given the tensions there I decided it would be better to just return during happier times.