FlickrBlog via your Yahoo! ID, Uploader 2.0 and Let’s Bring Interestingness to Tag Searches

FlickrBlog The corporate integration is starting. You can now log into Flickr directly with your Yahoo! logon ID. In fact, unless you already have a Flickr ID you will be required to go through Yahoo! to get to Flickr in the future. Of course this gives Yahoo! one more toehold in your internet life and hopefully will allow them to market their other services to Flickr users (or so is the plan I’m sure).

Also Flickr has updated their uploading tool to version 2.0. I downloaded it last night. Some minor features like creating and adding to sets via the uploader but haven’t had a chance to play with it in detail yet. My biggest frustration is that when uploading multiple photos with the uploading tool (and even with the upgrade) the uploads fail a good 90% of the time. It’s not so frustrating when you are uploading 2 or 3 photos but I do have some big batch stuff to go to bed and upload type activity that I need to do soon.

The one positive with the Yahoo! integration is that it appears that inviting people to Flickr should be easier as many people will be familar with Yahoo!

“We’ve also made several changes to the way we send out invites and handle the sign-up process when you invite friends and family into Flickr — it is much, much friendlier and easier now. And given that a few hundred million people already have Yahoo! accounts, it is very likely that the “create an account” part of people accepting their invites will be faster and easier too. So, good!”

And while we are on the topic of Flickr… Interestingness or as John Battelle calls it photo rank is working out to be super cool. Each day on the calendar Flickr ranks the top 500 most interesting photographs. I’m sure the development crew is already working on this, but interestingness needs to next be brought to tag search. Specifically what I’d like to see is the default (or at minimum an option) for tag search that brings back your results ranked by their interestingness ranking.

In other words, if you do a search for the tag goldengatebridge right now you get back this. The results are sent back to you by time posted. In the case above right now you basically get a bunch of mediocre images. If instead they allowed tag search to default to interstingness rank I’d get a super amazing selection of bridge photos rather than me having to page through over 2,000 mediocre images. Instead of the current mismash of garbage I might immediately be served up a photo like this taken by the very talented John Curley. Or perhaps you might also get served back this taken by !efatima. Now how much better would that be!

Having tag searches default to relevency (or interestingness) seems super logical to me and also the first step towards integrating flickr images into the broader Yahoo! page rank and image search. Hopefully this is something that we will see soon.

Update: Ok, one cool thing about the new uploader is that you can now add send to Flickr as a right click option on your mouse. Right click any photo and it the uploader will be launched and the photo loaded into it for upload. This may have been in the previous version and I just never noticed it, but this is pretty cool.

Update 2: Well there I go shooting my mouth off again before knowing what the hell I’m talking about. I just received word from the Flickr team that the feature of sorting tags by interestingness is in fact already a feature and was launched 2 days after the initial launch. There is a toggle on the tag search page to toggle from the most recent to the most interesting. Pay attention Hawk! Pay attention! You can see the most interesting photos of the Golden Gate Bridge here. That Flickr team is always 2 steps ahead of you. Go figure. Now next step is to push these top photos into Yahoo! image search.

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