Babes on Flickr – Babes of Flickr � Babes On Flickr Well it’s usually sex that ends up bumping into succesful online businesses at some point and I’d expect Flickr to be no exception. Found this blog today called Babes on Flickr. Some pretty nice… er photography.

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  1. More than likely you are correct. I wonder if/where any lines will be drawn. Webshots went the route of no porn and no “inappropriate” material from day one.

  2. Thomas Hawk says:

    The line is a tricky one. As I see the babe shots on the blog I don’t think I’d clasify them as porn.

    Personally though, a lot of erotic photography I would not clasify as porn. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure — taste is a subjective thing.

    Flickr does have the ability to mark a photo “may offend” which then keeps it out of the public stream I believe, or it least the major public traffic at places like their interestingness. Of course this can be abused as well I’d assume.

    This will most likely be an ongoing argument. Personally I kind of like the balance where Flickr stands today. Most of the erotic photography that I see on Flickr today is somewhat sparse and when presented usually fine work and well done.

  3. Nick Starr says:

    I try to stay away from any porn shots when I publish the site I am working on a site with FULLY clothed hotties.

    Thanks for blogging the site, and I hope you enjoy!

  4. azrasta says:

    I started mine at under the same concept.
    As , i won’t post naked girls, but i think it’s a nice idea for a blog

  5. NoLimits says:

    Wow!! My Flickr site got surfed and one of my “babe” images was posted on Nick’s site. Pretty cool!! As for the site itself…nicely executed with some stunningly beautiful images. I couldn’t find anything offensive or repulsive that crossed the taboo line of indecency.

    Obvious factoid: the “most viewed” images on my site are all the babe shots. Still wondering why Nick was running out of bandwidth?