TV Technology at Edge of Legal Frontier

Television Article | The Hollywood Reporter is out with an article which discusses the legal aspects of place shifting television. Companies covered in the article include Orb, Slngbox and TiVo.

“Place-shifting is problematic to many copyright holders because it sidesteps what is known in legalese as proximity control, which restricts the distribution of content to specific regions and times. It’s a standard contractual stipulation for the Motion Picture Assn. of America, whose member studios license distribution rights to movies for distinct territories; the National Football League, which considers geographic limits the linchpin of lucrative television deals, including its Sunday Ticket pact with DirecTV; and local television stations, which pony up millions of dollars for exclusive territorial rights to all kinds of programing.”

It appears that the divide between consumers and Hollywood indeed is expanding. Hardware and technology companies caught between the two may end up the targets of lawsuits and other nuisance driven activity.

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