More on the Shoebox

No Soap, Radio! � Blog Archive � more on the shoebox by Narendra Rocherolle Narendra Rocherolle blogs more about what his new Shoebox photo sharing service is all about.

“In my opinion, I see three ways that the shoebox could have a lasting long-term impact on photo-sharing:

* First, it is a step toward creating a class of image content aggregators (which may overlap with but is much broader than those who publish photos).

* Second, it could serve as a foundation to bridge the walled gardens of different photo sharing applications/services and ultimately drive a better consumer experience.

* Finally, (and allow me to dream just a bit!) this form of open web system with an emphasis on metadata has the potential to allow image search to built from the ground up.”

Most significantly, Shoebox is not something to compete with Flickr, but rather something to complement Flickr and bridge photosharing from many different sources.

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