Good News at One Bush Street

Well it seems that someone must have received the memo today because shooting One Bush Street was a complete piece of cake. The only time I was bothered at all was by a bunch of teens who wanted to sell me a used video camera “cheap.” It was kind of nice being able to photograph the building in significantly more detail than the last time I was there. I missed the first wave of photographers who had stopped by at noon but stuck around for about an hour myself shooting photos. I got some really great shots. Hopefully I’ll have the definitive One Bush Street collection up on Flickr later tonight.

In the meantime I’m sitting here in Union Square in San Francisco blogging through the City’s free wi-fi sponsored by Google. Kind of cool to be able to shoot some shots, upload them to my laptop and publish them all from the under the shade of a tree outside in Union Square. I seriously hope Gavin is able to get the whole City connected.

There is supposed to be a zombie flash mob at Powell and Market St. in about 10 minutes that I’m hoping to get some photos of as well.

Update: Ok, so I distilled the photos of One Bush that I took this afternoon down to my 35 favorite. You can find them here. Also, I waited around until 3:30 p.m. for the zombie flash mob and never saw it. I had to run to go to a barbecue so if anyone got photos of it drop a line.

I did run into someone at the supposed area for the zombie flash mob who had been down at One Market at noon and was told that CBS News covered the photo shoot.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love your blog and the amazing photos you take! SF is one of my favorite cities, and your eye catches it like I have never seen before! Keep it up and I am looking forward to see more creations.

    Tyson Williams