Fire Walk With Me, The Crucible 2005

In the sweet old country where I come from
Nobody ever works
Yeah nothing gets done
We hang fire, we hang fire
– The Rolling Stones

The Crucible is a non profit arts education center that fosters the collaboration of art, industry and community. They are located in Oakland. These photos are from their annual fundraiser, The 2005 Fire Arts Festival. Last night I had the good fortune of attending. I’m still feeling the heat.

The Crucible allows industrial artists a workshop to build the most fantastic fire machines you’ve ever seen. These man made monsters snort, breath, blow and shoot fire at the sky, at the night, at steel and glass and everything else you can think of. Picture Scarebob and his tactical tractor — but with a nose that pours gallons of fuel per second lit to match. It’s alive and fantastic and frigtening and hot.

This year I had the good opportunity to photograph the show. All of the photos of the event can be found in my Flickr set, Fire Walk With Me. For the best viewing you may want to view the show as a slide show. Enjoy the Show.

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