NewsGator Online Almost Catches Up with Bloglines

Ed Bott: What do you use to read RSS feeds?Ed Bott Blogs that NewsGator Online has almost caught up with Bloglines per his personal latest statistics from FeedBurner.

I’ve personally switched from Bloglines to NewsGator for everything except my PubSub searches which NewsGator still can’t get right. The nice thing is that I know merely by mentioning Bob Wyman’s name (the Founder of PubSub) that the fact that this isn’t fixed yet will hit his radar. The question is if I also include Greg Reinacker’s name (the founder of NewsGator) in this post as well who will see it first? Both Bob and Greg are aware of this limitation of course and I’m sure it’s being worked on.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I saw it just now…did I win? 🙂 -GR

  2. Carl says:

    I’ve grown to like Bloglines a lot. I think it could use a little interface work, but it has all of the features I need in an RSS reader. The main problem with Newsgator Online is that it doesn’t have a ‘Keep as new’ feature. Newsgator forces you to use the ‘My Clippings’ folder to keep anything. I tend to clip things I’m going to keep longer term (days or weeks) as opposed to something I’m going to read and delete later in the day. It would be nice if Newsgator supported both features.