HTPC Frontend roundup � Blog Archive � HTPC Frontend roundup Eric Solheim is out with a round up comparison between ShowShifter, MyHTPC using SnapStream PVS, Meedio + Beyond TV and Media Center 2005.

Between the available choices Eric concludes that Media Center was the clear winner.

“I must say, wow, now we are talking! Old and boring Microsoft. The company that still does not have a clue about design and media. The company that still delivers their operating system with Paint as the hard core imaging tool. The company that thinks PowerPoint is good for presentations and visual work… They have actually done it. They have made an impressive solution. MCE is by far the easiest and most complete HTPC front end I have tried.”

Although Eric liked MCE the best he did mention a few issues including the slow response time for large digital libraries, something that I have repeatedly harped on over the past few years.

“Of course, it is not perfect. It has serious issues with large music collections (slow performance).”

Hopefully we will see some relief with this with the WMP 11 beta due out in November of this year.

Nice work Eric and keep up the good blogging!

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