Flickr Album — Hot Donkey!

Flickr Album Now THIS is a very cool use of flash. Do you have a flickr account? Enter your Flickr user name, enter one of your tags, put 50 in the max pages, then select go.

Now run your mouse over the bottom right hand corner of the Flickr album and click and move your mouse to turn the page.

Instant book.

If you don’t have a flickr account and want to check it out, use the following

Flickr username: Thomas Hawk
Tag: sanfrancisco
Max pages: 50

Then press “GO” and move the pages as shown above.

Hot Donkey. I’m definitely addicted to this Flickr stuff. Looking forward to the day when I can see my Flickr favorites on my Media Center PC as a slide show.

Update: Four other quick questions. 1. Wouldn’t it be great if you could expand this flash application to full screen (and also the Flickr slideshows as well) 2. How about letting us load more than 50 photos. 3. You should get into the self publishing business and actually sell printed books of these photos as laid out in the book. 4. I can’t believe that Amazon hasn’t done this.

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  1. Tom says:

    Have you tried the Flickr screensaver that’s around? I don’t think it can show your favorites (they don’t have an RSS feed available) but it can show from a user, tag or group.