DirecTV Update Breaks Stand-Alone PVRs

DirecTV update breaks stand-alone PVRs | PVRblog In a disappointing moment for the standalone PVR owner, PVRblog is reporting on a Wired article that a recent update to the DirecTV D10 receiver is causing havoc with the serial port and causing problems with standalone PVRs I can’t comment on this first hand as I’m using an integrated DirecTV HDTV TiVo box that works fine.

“The conspiratorially minded think that this update is just an effort on DirecTV’s part to get them to buy receivers with PVRs built in. A DirecTV representative responds “I can absolutely say this is not a tactic to get people to switch over to another receiver,” which is just the sort of thing you’d expect them to say if there were a conspiracy.”

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    Between rumours of a not so friendly buyout rebuff between Ramsey & Murdoch, introduction of generic DTV box, DTV dumping Tivo stock, the forced transition to the new HDTV boxes by Tivo owners (that may or may not be picked up by DTV) and now this. It does make one start to think . . .