Will We Ever See Actual TV Video on Google Video or Just Still Images and Text and Is Google Talking to TiVo?

Google searches more TV | News.blog | CNET News.com: “Posted by Stefanie Olsen” Stefanie Olsen has a brief write up at CNET asking the question, “when will Google allow video playback,” along with some suggested pay models for the programming.

Also keep your radar up for something to happen with TiVo and Google and/or Yahoo! At least according to Merrill Lynch if you read the second to the last sentence of this Forbes article.

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  1. mb says:

    If you put the pieces together, it looks like Google has much more ambitious plans than just indexing closed-captions and showing still frames.

    On the first-quarter analyst call, Larry Page said, “What we’ve done for the Web, Google aims to do for television.” I’m betting this is bigger than it sounds at first blush.

    Couple the new TV channels with the new video upload service, the TiVo talk, and the gigantic TV ad market that’s ripe for Google’s brand of ad relevance, and I can see major, tectonic change on the horizon.

    Even Google’s move into branded, CPM advertising can be seen as a precursor to a push into TV.

    If Google really will do for TV what they did for the Web, what does that mean? I explore some implications of Google TV on my site, http://www.buygoogle.com, and would love comments.

  2. Discfree.com says:

    If you love comments so much, then you should turn them on for the article.

  3. mb says:

    Comments are turned on, just click the “comments” link at the end of any posting.

  4. mb says:

    Check out Google’s new “Web Accelerator” at labs.google.com.

    I haven’t seen any news releases on this yet, but it seems like another component of a strategy to begin serving content close to the user — a key requirement for launching a video service like Google TV.