What’s Ahead for Net, Digital Entertainment

USATODAY.com – What’s ahead for Net, digital entertainment USA Today has a piece out on what’s ahead for digital entertainment. USA Today put together a panel of speakers together at Silicon Valley’s Churchill Club and include some of the excerpts from the panel discussion. Included on the panel among others was TiVo’s Chairman Mike Ramsay.

Ramsay on long tail content:

“We can measure it. There’s maybe only a hundred people who watch bass fishing or speed knitting or whatever. So they watch it, and it’s important to them.

What we’ve found is that the viewing patterns of people who watch live television — and are therefore restricted to prime time whenever they’re home — are dramatically different than the viewing patterns of people who have the choice of just picking whatever they want.

Given the choice, people will migrate towards a much greater variety, and the deal is you’ve got to make everything available to everybody so that they’re not restricted. And if you do, the market for that more esoteric, more specialized stuff is just as big as the market of the mainstream stuff. “

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