Scoble Wants Bill Gates on Channel 9, I Want Bill Gates on MCE

Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger Scoble asks Bill Gates to come on Channel 9. Yeah, this would be pretty cool, but what would be even cooler would be if my MICROSOFT (get it? MICROSOFT, as in Microsoft) Media Center PC allowed me get a “Season Pass” to Microsoft’s own Channel 9 (yeah I know, negotiating the IP rights on this one is going to be tough. Oh yeah, and all kinds of other IPTV video microcontent) and let me watch Mr. Gates and Mr. Scoble in the comfort of my living room with a nice crisp, cold glass of white Burgundy (from Montrachat no less). And I do mean “Season Pass” not trying to manually hack my way through an RSS feed by remote.

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