Robert Scoble Keynote at “Blogging Goes Mainstream”

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From the post:

“Some quotable quotes – let’s call them “Scobleisms”:

* On why, out of over 1500 Microsoft bloggers, he’s worthy of being the keynote: I take potshots at people. Even the CEO. I write in a blink style – straight from my head as it comes out.

* On how blogging is changing communication: Word of mouth networks are becoming far more efficient. Bloggers are amplifiers of your message.

* On how he’s avoided corporate ire: There are no factories at Microsoft. Software is ideas…You have to be able to argue out that your idea is the best one.

* On how you know when you’ve gone too far: Corporate culture isn’t a line, but rather a membrane. If you have a relationship network holding you in place, you won’t get pushed out.”

Apparently Scoble also memorized over 6,000 SKUs when working for a camera store once. Somehow from a person who covers as many blogs as Scoble does this doesn’t surprise me.

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