PLIX EMC 3200HD Media Center Edition PC

Ricavision PLIX EMC 3200HD

eHomeUpgrade | PLIX EMC 3200HD Media Center Edition PC EHomeUpgrade has the details on the new Ricavision PLIX Media Cener PC. Another beautiful form factor for your living room.

Having an acceptable form factor for a Media Center machine has been something that I’ve stressed and others have suggested will be helpful for adoption of Media Center PCs in people’s living rooms. Lately I’ve been thinking more though that perhaps form factor will not be as important as I and others have suggested in the past.

With the introduction of the new XBox as an extender unit my thoughts are now that rather than spend a lot of money on a high end nice looking MCE machine for one’s living room, people will simply buy the most powerful even boxy looking MCE machine for their den or home office and just stream everything from that machine to their XBox 360 extender.

Form factor in the home office or den is much less significant than form factor in the living room as we are already used to having boxy looking PCs in our dens and home offices.

That being said, it’s still fun to see these great designs that PC manufacturers are coming out with.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think that form factor is hugely important! I have the extenders in my house and as the 360 comes availabel I will implement these. But is the theatre I prefer to have a full on MCE machine that looks good in the rack.
    The extender still has to many short commings in the streaming area. Especially when it comes to formats and lack of DVD capability and lack of 5.1 audio capability. I hope they will solve this problem with the 360 extender version.

  2. Thomas Hawk says:

    Yes, absolutely. With the current extenders out they are severly lacking. With DVD capabilities and the ability to stream HDTV though I think that when the XBox 360 is released later this Fall that form factor may become less significant as this will represent the first truly suitable extender device for the high end market.

    Once this happens, form factor will become more decoration in the high end home theater than something necessary in the average Joe’s living room.

    To the extent that form factor adds significantly to the cost of a high end machine, some high end users could choose to buy the cheapest (even ugliest) looking PC to hide under their home office desk and stream everything at acceptable quality to XBox 360s through the house.

    This will most likely be the direction that I take when I next upgrade.

  3. Thomas Hawk says:

    By cheapest I mean in way of design. I will probably buy an extremely powerful machine as my next Media Center PC and also use this as my primary workhorse home office PC. In my home office form factor is less relevent.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree. The only reson for me to have a nice MCE is the ability to stream DVD movies. Now the legality of this is questionable. But as I own all of the DVD movies that are stored on the Hard Drives I don’t see a problem. I am hoping that the 360 as it most lilely has an onboard DVD decoder will be able to play Video_ts folder from the MCE interface.