Netflix Makes Some More Friends Online

Reel Reviews Radio � Blog Archive � Netflix Says No To Reel Reviews (Twice!): Thousands of people download a movie review podcast weekly and Netflix doesn’t want to be affliated with it? For someone who is supposedly so hip to the online space you’d expect that they’d be better at listening.

“I must be doing something wrong because Netflix sure seems to have it in for me. Let’s review:

* Thousands of people are kind enough to download my podcast about movies on a weekly basis.
* I talk only about films available on DVD.
* I only talk about good films (IMHO) – thus the tag line “Films Worth Watching.”
* I get countless emails of people saying they add my suggestions to their Netflix Que.
* People who listen to Reel Reviews like to watch films on DVD.

What is any self respecting podcaster to do? Become a Netflix Affiliate right? Not so fast!

For the second time, Reel Reviews has been turned down by Netflix as an affiliate.”

It sure didn’t take Blockbuster any time to jump on this one. Someone at Netflix should think about mending some fences this morning.

Thanks, Scoble.

Upate: Mike Kaltschnee over at Hacking Netflix made an interesting point in an email to me this afternoon. Blockbuster didn’t exactly “jump on this one,” as Netflix missed it, they merely accepted Reel Reviews. Probably too much editorial license and spin on my part. Still, an interesting story.

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