The Motley Fool on TiVo’s Stock Run Up

Editor’s Note: This post should not be construed as financial advice.

Nothing Happened. Buy TiVo! [ Motley Fool Take] May 25, 2005: The Motley Fool ponders why TiVo’s stock price has had such a strong run up the past two days. At first blush it would appear that the analyst report from First Albany’s Richard Baldry is the responsible culprit. Baldry initiated coverage on TiVo with a $16 price target as reported here yesterday.

Could there be more to the story though? TiVo’s earnings are out tomorrow. It will be interesting what is said on the analyst conference call following the meeting. The stock has had unusually high trading volume the last few days. Normally TiVo trades about 4 million shares per day and today they traded almost 17 million shares and yesterday almost 26 million shares.

There is a lot of potential news that could come out on TiVo in the next few months both good and bad. You have the CEO search that has been ongoing that could be announced. You have the Comcast partnership and the details that could follow. You could have more visibility on the ongoing DirecTV relationship. Rumors have floated on a TiVo deal with Yahoo! or Google. There is always the Netflix TiVo deal that seems to have gone into a black hole. And you could always have positive or negative actual earnings vs. projections that are reported tomorrow.

The Street also has coverage of the run up here.

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    Tivo actually averages closer to 1.5 million shares a day, but the heavy volume over the last two days has spiked the “average” number of shares up to 4 million.