Lulu and JPG Magazine

Derek Powazek and Heather Champ Powazek are a husband and wife combo team that put out some of the best photography available anywhere and especially in the Bay Area. They started a print magazine called JPG Magazine where photobloggers can submit photographs for consideration for publication. Although they can’t pay you for your photos, if you are published by them you get a free copy of the magazine and an opportunity to buy additional copies at a discount. This seems like a pretty cool grass roots sort of way to move something as beautiful as photography off the internet page and on to the printed page. They selected one of my photographs for their current issue Lost.

Lulu , of the photo above, is a small online publisher which allows people to easily and economically get things published in print and are the ones publishing JPG Magazine for Heather and Derek. Although we frequently talk about how the blogosphere has brought down the cost of publishing and the good things that this does to give anyone a voice, it’s also nice to have more and more less expensive print options still out there if someone wants to pursue that medium as well.

Derek works for Technorati and in addition to his photoblog Ephemera has another blog up as well.

Jason Defillippo took the photo for the Lulu ad by the way. JPG comes out quarterly and is now accepting submissions for their next issue, “Fabulous.”

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