It May Be Time to Upgrade Your Monitor

Well if you haven’t already it looks like Dell is pushing the envelope with cheap big monitors. Today Tim Coyle is raving about his new 20″ Dell widescreen and also points us to a post over at Digital Media Thoughts on the new 24″ widescreen Dell Ultra Sharp. Two of those 24″ widescreens just might make for the perfect home office display. Want to visualize what it could look like (and I know I’ve posted on this before)? Check out Corey Gouker’s set up from the MCE pool that Sean Alexander set up over at Flickr.

And if you haven’t added a photo of your MCE set up to Flickr yet go ahead and upload a photo I’d love to see it.

Here are some other great MCE set ups on display over at Flickr. Steve Owens, Rob Morris, Steve Makofsky, Sean Alexander, and then my own (which pales in comparison)

Over at Ed Bott’s site, Brian Hoyt comments: The only problem thus far is that the 24″ has yet to be on sale or discounted well. The jump from 20″ to 24″ still almost doubles the cost. Also the 20″ has a slightly newer LCD and control electronics than the currently available 24″.

Thanks, Tim and Ed.

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  1. Tim Coyle says:

    You can get the 20″ on sale from Dell for about $400 if you time it right. I’m actually thinking about getting another one and using it as a display with a Media Center extender – it’s a lot cheaper than paying for a widescreen LCD TV!

  2. Anonymous says:

    If you time it really right, you can get the 20 for $350 with stackable coupons. Usually when its not on sale, there is a coupon available. Just a matter of waiting for it.

    The only issue I have with the dell wides (I use a 20 wide at work) is they are not 16×9. they are close to 16×9.5 and weird resolution. Messes a lot with games.